Call it what you will - serendipity or a lost soul yearning for home!   Just before Christmas,  Martha Kinscherff related to the Hays County Historical Commission Cemetery Chair, Jo Landon, her discovery of a broken gravestone.  It was found among debris washed down York Creek on the former 101 Ranch near Kyle.  Jo, using an invaluable modern tool —Find A Grave ™, identified whom it belonged to and whence it came. It commemorates Margaret Clement who died on January 31, 1883, and was buried in Indianola Cemetery in Calhoun County, Texas.  Jo contacted the chairman of the Calhoun County Historical Commission, Robert Loflin.   Robert happened to be in Austin on January 4th, so arranged to pick up the stone. 

Robert was delighted, especially as his county historical commission is attempting to restore the  Indianola Cemetery which was largely abandoned after the devastating hurricane of 1886.  Margaret’s stone will be reconnected to its base which still stands. 

Margaret Clement was born in south Texas on January 12, 1846, the daughter of English merchant, Robert F. Clement, and his Scottish-born first wife, Christina Wallace. Christina died while Margaret was still a little girl.  Her father then married her aunt, Margaret Wallace.  For the duration of the Civil War, her father and aunt/stepmother returned to Bath in England, leaving Margaret with her married sister, Sarah Burbank.   By the time Margaret died at age 37, the family was once again united in South Texas.

During the Civil War, Margaret was one of 12 young ladies who sailed out to Matagorda Island to present a Confederate flag to Captain J. M. Reuss’ artillery company at Fort Esperanza.  Interestingly, one of the group was Eudora Inez Moore who later moved north to live with her niece, Maggie Kuykendall, on the 101 Ranch.  Perhaps this connection may hold a clue as to how Margaret Clement’s stone found its way to the banks of York Creek. 

Sacred to the
memory of 
Margaret Clement
Jan. 12, 1846
Jan. 31, 1883
"In the mansions of the blest.”

Robert Loflin, Calhoun County Historical Commission Chairman; 
Jo Landon, Hays County Historical Commission, Cemetery Chair;
Martha Kinscherff, steward at The Plant at Kyle.