Bading Cemetery

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The HCHC's 2007 re-discovery of the South Hays County location of Bading Cemetery presented a daunting task of uncovering the site's one remaining stone from under a fallen tree and cutting away dense overgrowth.
Bading Cemetery's lone surviving tombstone was uncovered and re-erected during the HCHC's intial restoration efforts at the site.

1 Inscription

Bading Cemetery is one of Hays County’s most obscure and threatened human burial sites, a fact noted in the Hays County Cemetery Inscriptions book authored by Hays County Historical Commission members Dorothy Kerbow and Jo Ann Elam Hearn in 1988 (revised 1994). The two described the site then as having been neglected and the fact that it was at that time “in deplorable condition.” The Texas Historical Commission documents the site at its highest level of “threatened.”

In 2007, HCHC cemetery chair Jim Cullen again located the site, on property owned at the time by Maryline Jonas, and secured the landowner’s permission to clean up the immediate vicinity around the site of the lone remaining tombstone. That task was accomplished in the spring of 2007. The sole stone at the site had been knocked over and covered by a fallen tree. The tree was removed and the stone re-erected, with undergrowth and briars cut away from approximately a 10’ radius of the burial site.

The rotting remains of a one-time picket fence, described by Kerbow and Hearns in their book, was still visible in 2007, though additional clearing would be required to uncover it. No additional evidence of additional burial sites was noted.