Welcome to the Hays County Cemeteries homepage! The information provided on this website has been compiled and made available by the Hays County Historical Commission. We hope the material and research provided on this website will be useful.

In the 1980s, the Cemetery Records Committee of the Hays County Historical Commission chronicled the county’s cemeteries. Following that survey, committee members Dorothy Wimberley Kerbow and Jo Ann Hearn compiled two volumes of cemetery inscriptions, one for the San Marcos Cemetery and one for all other Hays County cemeteries. The printed versions remain available in Hays County libraries – and can be purchased at the Hays County Courthouse. The conditions, surroundings, adjacent landowners, and even the currently-recognized names of cemeteries remain constantly evolving variables. The Kerbow-Hearn books (revised, 1994) remain the start-point for Hays County cemetery research; however, present-day site updates are bringing descriptions current. Updates to the Kerbow-Hearn books are noted, where appropriate. The cemetery available pictures & information, histories and individual inscriptions are linked below.

Hays County Cemetery Histories

For an alphabetical list of all of Hays County's Cemeteries and their locations click here.  If you would prefer to scroll through the cemetery histories manually choose from the list below.

Hays County Cemetery Inscriptions

You may search through this alphabetized list of all tombstone inscriptions recorded in Hays County through 1988, the time of the Kerbow-Hearn research by clicking here.

San Marcos Cemetery Inscriptions

You may search through this alphabetized list of all tombstone inscriptions recorded at San Marcos Cemetery by clicking here.


Work in restoring once-abandoned, neglected Hays County cemeteries has long been a primary goal of the Hays County Historical Commission. See links below for a sampling from these restorations

Feel free to contact the commission if you are planning a serious restoration project. The Cemetery Committee will be happy to work with you in any effort to expand our knowledge of Hays County’s history and our understanding of the people who shaped it.

For additional photos and information on Hays County Cemeteries, click here

Specific questions about cemeteries connected to the Hays County Historical Commission, contact Chair Jo Landon.