Documentaries - 101 Ranch: The Story of the Kuykendall Family

This is the story of the largest ranch in Hays County and the family who ran it for over 60 years. Two strong women, a mother and her daughter and children ran thousands of head of cattle, horses and sheep on over 11,000 acres of hill country property.

This documentary is based on interviews with members of the Kuykendall and Hoskins families, who grew up on the 101 Ranch near Buda. This was the largest ranching operation in Hays County when it began in 1902. Maggie Kuykendall took over in 1905 with the death of her husband, and along with her daughter Dorothy Kuykendall Hoskins, they kept the 101 going for the next 60 years. Period historical reenactments and photos help tell the story of early ranching life during the first half of the 20th century.