Historical Marker Committee


The most visible signs of the work done by the Hays County Historical Commission (HCHC) are the distinctive metal markers dotted across the county.  Along with over 16,000 others throughout Texas, these remind us of the rich history of our state and serve as valuable aids for education and heritage tourism.  The markers are the property of the Texas Historical Commission (THC) which began the program in 1962.

Hays County has been awarded 154 of these markers. The first was for the Major Edward Burleson Homestead on Lime Kiln Road, San Marcos, dedicated on November 3, 1962. The most recent is an Undertold Marker entitled  "Vaqueros, Ranch Hands and Stock Raisers.”

Although only about 15 Undertold Markers for the entire state are granted each year, applying for one involves no cost.  They are funded by a state-mandated $100 fee established in 2006 for regular markers “to establish an account to offer funding incentives for special or priority markers.” This money funds markers that are intended to address historical gaps, promote diversity of topics, and proactively document significant underrepresented subjects or untold stories. THC’s list of topics that are currently underrepresented appears below.  So, if you know of a person, place, or topic that you believe deserves historical recognition, now is your chance to attempt to put this right.

The THC will be accepting nominations for 2022 Undertold Marker funding through the Marker Application Fund starting in the Fall from October 1st to November 15th, 2022.  The application forms will be available for downloading on THC website, thc.texas.gov on September 1, 2022.

For further details, email us at hayshistoricalcommission@gmail.com or call 512-393-2277.

Underrepresented Topics in the Historical Marker Program
(In alphabetical order)

African American topics
Archeology – Pre-historic and Historic
African (continent) topics
Alsatian topics
Artists – Folk or Fine Art
Asian topics
Belgian topics
Chinese topics
Cinema topics
Civil Rights topics
Czech topics
Disability topics
Danish topics
Dutch topics
Engineering topics
English topics
Fine art topics
French topics
Geology topics
Irish topics
Inventors and Inventions
Japanese topics
Jewish topics
Korean War
Labor topics
Landscape Architecture and Design
Mexican topics
Medical topics
Native American topics
Norwegian topics
Pacific Islanders topics
Political topics
Performing Arts
Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks
(RTHLs) – buildings and structures
(commercial, residential, institutional, bridges, etc.)
Russian topics
Swiss topics
Scottish topics
Swedish topics
Vietnamese topics
Vietnam War
Wendish topics
Wildlife Management
Women’s topics
Writers and Poets
Youth Organizations